About Us

DealmakersCafe’ is composed of fulltime, experienced real estate investors dedicated to sharing our experienced with other investors. There are a lot of sites letting anyone with a keyboard give advice…sometimes bad advice. Our strategies are based on ‘real-world’ investing experience and application. We promote a sharing environment of experienced investors where you can stop in, ask for help, share an idea or experience and even offer a helping hand to new investors.

About Matt Scott…
He has a matter-of-fact style filled with business wisdom and ideas that work! His bold, innovative, and unconventional strategies help investors stay ahead of the trends, challenges and competition in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Conventional wisdom, weak strategies and sacred cows don’t stand a chance around Matt. He’ll be the first to let you know what works and what doesn’t. His allegiance is to you, the individual investor. He is in high demand on the stage and off because he is one of the most creative minds in real estate investing and very dedicated to helping others grow their business and succeed.

Matt gave up his “employee status” in May 1994 and is a fulltime investor with a Bachelor Degree in Accounting. His experience with a CPA firm was enough to realize entrepreneurs and investors are the wealthy; not only in assets but lifestyle and freedom. As a true entrepreneur, he is always looking for ventures to start, buy and sell, and vastly improve his ongoing real estate business. You’ll definitely profit from his vast experience and knowledge.

We look forward to your input, ideas, and suggestions.

Welcome to DealmakersCafe.com!