A Newbie Confession

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This was a post that I wrote when I was still brand new to the business, to help others see what would happen if they continued to stay on the fence.

A confession from a newbie.
When I was looking around on other sites today, I read some posts on other discussion boards that scared me. No, REALLY scared me. You see, I saw posts that had a common theme. It wasn’t just one post by one person. It was many posts, by many people. There were posts by “investors”, that were active on the board, saying things like, “I’ve been reading about real estate investing over the past 2 years, and will be ready to start when I get some cash saved up.” Another one: “I bought some courses a few years ago and just have 3 more books to go, and I will start advertising. I can’t wait!”

I thought how could these people let the time pass by- what are they waiting for? They may be just waiting the ‘the right timing’, or until they feel comfortable. When will the time be right? When will they feel totally comfortable? NEVER!

While driving this evening, I thought about these people. They are never going to do anything, too bad. A lot of time goes into learning and understanding this business, as well as a lot of money, in some cases. Why did I want to post this? Because I realized tonight that I am one of them. No, I didn’t post any of those, or anything like that, but I did something worse.

In my business plan, I actually wrote out what I needed and wanted to do BEFORE I got started. Yes, I know that there are things that you ‘need’ to do before you start, but don’t get them confused with what you would ‘like’ to get done, like I have. These ‘wants’, I can get by with for now, while I go out and look for deals and start talking to people. I am VERY Motivated and Driven; I just needed to re-direct it from reading 6-7 hours a night to going out and making 6-7 deals a month!

Some of you may be looking at me like you would look at someone that was on drugs for 10 years, then quits and then goes around telling people how bad drugs are and not to use them. ‘I could have told you that’, you’d say, because you learned better. Well, today I learned better. It scared me reading those posts because I do not want to become one of those people.

Tonight, I’m revising my business plan that will eliminate the above problem by making me get off the fence and take major action. I just needed to give myself a swift kick in the ____ and a slap in the face to wake me up from being a sponge, absorbing information and just getting a few things done, to becoming a fully automatic super dishwasher that will get many things accomplished and ‘Clean up’ my act!

I encourage any individual in the info-gathering stage to get up, get out, and get going! I’ve read many stories about people that went out and made it happen, without having all of the answers. Now it’s my turn.

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