Feeling Discouraged?

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Below is a comment that was posted on a message board in the past.

“Hey, I am not quitting, but it is getting a little discouraging…”

You’re discouraged because your ads are not pulling in deals and you need to get things going NOW because you’re not working, I understand, completely.  There is a sense of urgency here and things usually just don’t work that way, meaning when you really need to get something NOW, it never comes.  Let me explain. Let me share with you a TMO True Story:

Years ago, I used to sell Kirby vacuums door-to-door and lasted for over a year.  Many months I would work 7 days a week, over 100 hours a week and as you could imagine, it was a tough sell.  There were some weeks where I would sell 3-4 and at times up to 5.  There were other weeks where I wouldn’t sell at all, and I even went a month without getting 1 sale.

Now, I remember the last week in particular where I was very low on cash and was week 4 without a sale.  I was so low on cash that I had no money to eat, and being on the road ALL day, you eat out everyday.  I was so discouraged and hungry for that matter.  The more time went on, the more I wanted that sale… The more I needed that sale. Demo after demo I would not get a sale and I couldn’t figure out why. I was doing everything right, but couldn’t sell water to someone stranded in the desert.

I was about ready to give up.  I even took a day off to go job hunting.  When I came back to work the next day, there was a new sales trainer there, training the “newbies”.  He asked me to speak about my experiences because I was there so long.  Usually people last a week and at the most 3 months.  I told him that I’d be a bad example because I lost it and I can’t sell anymore and was thinking about quitting.

He brought me into a room and sat me down and explained to me that the reason why I wasn’t selling was because of my attitude. He was right- my attitude was terrible.  I was not only not selling a thing, but my girlfriend broke up with me, I was about to lose my car and was broke.  He asked, “How was your attitude when you were selling and winning prizes and trips?”  I said, Great!  Back then I had a ton of money, my relationships with friends, family, and my girlfriend were great, and I was on top of the world.

He said, “The people who bought from you saw that.  They saw that you were happy and successful at this business. People want to do business with people that are happy doing what they love to do- it makes the buying experience enjoyable and the pain from spending $1600.00 on a vacuum cleaner is gone.  They will always remember the salesman they bought it from and not how much they paid.  Right now, the fact that you’re unhappy and miserable is impossible to hide from customers.  They can see right through it.”  He basically said if I don’t start thinking “Positive” and forget about the fact that I need to sell to eat then I would fail.  Well, things changed.  I changed.  I started selling again.

He told me to be like a Rhino, grow some thick skin, and not let things get to me.  This is why I now collect rhino’s and have them everywhere as a constant reminder that I am strong and must keep going- no matter what!

You need to concentrate on what you’re going after and what the best route to use to get there.  You already know that this business takes time and you are starting to over-analyze things. NO NO NO!

If you over-analyze things, you start to doubt yourself, your abilities and this business.  It’s all about mindset, my friend.  If you had a ton of cash in your bank account right now, and you were in the same situation now- no Motivated Sellers calling you, what would your attitude be like?  You may say, “So what!  I know it takes time and I know that if I just keep my nose down and work this business, things will start happening!”

You are being tested on your abilities right now to see if you have what it takes to become successful.  Successful not only in this business, but in any business.  If you can’t handle the pressure and stress here, you can’t handle it anywhere.  We are all “tested” as we go along in this business.  I’ve seen A TON of people at one point or another say that they are getting frustrated about something.  Some of these people will find a way to work around it and become successful, and others will fail.  I’ve heard that 90-something % of the people who get into this business fail. I truly believe it is because they failed “The Test” and they need to work on improving their skills.  Success is saved for those who deserve it.

You need to work on your mindset my friend.  Just keep the ads going and get your attitude back up.  Get FIRED UP and MOTIVATED!  When you do, you become bulletproof to most of the distractions and most of the “discouraging moments” that you are feeling now.

I’ve missed a few deals and STILL have not bought a house yet!  HA HA I can laugh!  I really can!  This is why: I am doing all of the marketing I can right now and devoting EVERYTHING I have into this business.  I know that I will be successful.  I know that I will be successful with the same confidence, as I know my own name.  Even if I miss a hundred more deals, OH WELL! Yes, things are happening all around me that could distract me from my goals- some small things, and even some things that have changed my life forever. I know that if it happened to some people, they would just stop dead in their tracks- I’ve seen it and been here before.  I’m just like everyone else… Things happen in life that just plain stink and we always ask, “Why ME?” I used to be that way, too.

I worked and continue to work on my attitude towards life and this business.  I know that this is the single most important skill to develop of you will fail in this business.  It’s SO easy to put a couple ads out there, make a few calls, get a motivated seller and come here and post all the info.  YOU are walked through EVERY step through the Cafe; how easy is that!?  BUT, if your don’t have the right attitude and are unable to keep yourself motivated, you’ll fizzle out during one of the tests.

It’s a numbers game.  The numbers just take longer for some people.  Once you pass these tests, you will be rewarded a degree of success then, more tests.  Again, get by those and you will be rewarded.  Some of the most successful people in the WORLD failed the most times!  DID YOU KNOW THAT?  Could you take failing 100′s of times before it works?  Thomas Edison could and went on to become a VERY successful entrepreneur and inventor.

It’s ALL ABOUT ATTITUDE.  All of these books, courses, and REI meetings don’t matter unless you have the mindset needed to succeed.  Forget about having to learn all about Real Estate Investing.  Why care about the details when you don’t even care about improving and strengthening your attitude?

Have you talked to successful Real Estate Investors throughout the US?  I have.  How many do you think were saying “woe is me”, or I’m discouraged”, or “I can’t!?  None of them.  In fact Successful Real Estate Investors are the Most Motivated, Driven, Focused and happy people I’ve ever talked to!

That should tell you something!  They didn’t become focused, motivated or happy AFTER they become successful. They did it before they become successful and passed the tests.  It’s your attitude that will make you or break you. It’s your choice: Find out how to pick yourself back up or just lay there and not become successful.  Today is the day to decide.  Success is saved for those who deserve it.  Don’t you think that you deserve it as well?  Or course you do.  Now get out there and make things happen!

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