Feel Like Giving Up Already?

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Are things starting to pile up on you?  Is the phone not ringing as much as you had hoped?  Are you getting down or depressed?  Emotions are what makes us human and can take over our lives if we don’t learn how to control them.  Frustration, self-doubt, negativity, and fear are emotions that can and will take over your life in one form or another and kill your Real Estate Investing career.

As a newbie, I have spent a great deal of time learning about Real Estate Investing and learning about what it takes to succeed in this business and in life.  There is harsh reality that you must face right now as a newbie and you can either face it or walk away.  The reality is that most people give up in this business or fail.  I have heard that over 90% of the people that attempt REI give up.  Why is that number so high?  The answer is easy and can be found within us all.

Napoleon Hill once said something like, “Most people give up right before they see a level of success.” Is that you? Are you about ready to give up on Real Estate Investing just because you’ve been running ads for a month and haven’t got a call?  Are you ready to give up because you have not got a deal in 4 months?  Are you ready to give up because you are frustrated about this or that or you are now questioning yourself and your abilities?  If the feeling of wanting to give up has taken over you and you no longer put any effort into this business, then do so.  No one’s going to hold your hand and help you decide if this business if for you or not. You need to look within and see if this business fits what you want out of life.

You may just be a Floater.  A Floater is someone who tries this business, and then they try that business and then goes over to try another business.  They repeat this cycle their whole life over and over and never make it in life or achieve their closely held goals and feel like they are unlucky, life is out to get them or they just can’t do it.  They quit each business because they see no rewards for their weeks or months of labor.  Success is saved for those who deserve it.  Do you think you deserve the Success Label because you put in a few months of work?  It doesn’t come that easy, my friends.

Think of success as an award that you can get at the Emmys.  Each year, your name goes in front of a panel of judges that discusses your achievements over the last year.  No one will reward you if you haven’t done your job or haven’t put in a large amount of effort.  For the most part, people who are successful put in the time learned the lessons that life gave them and did not give up.  Did the thought of giving up ever cross their mind?  Maybe it did- but only for a second and then it was wiped away.  It’s natural for our minds to reject something if it’s not working. Sometimes you have to work on re-programming your mind so that it won’t reject so quickly and give you the self-confidence to become successful in this business.  To become a Dealmaker, you must pass the tests that life throws you and be far down the road to success.

To me, the term Dealmaker means someone that goes out there everyday, making things happen and does not give up at anything in pursuit of their goals.  The key words there are “Never Give Up.” When thoughts enter you mind such as, I’m not sure this business is for me or nothings happening.  I think I will try another business, how do you feel?  Does it bring you down?  Does it make you feel like a failure or do you want to do something about it? The Floaters will just get down, lose self-confidence and quit- but the Dealmakers and the successful people out there will immediately destroy that thought with a reason why they must keep on keeping’ on, no matter what.  For those who have worked on their mindset and trained their mind, those thoughts may happen so fast that it may seem that those negative thoughts never enter their mind and the negative thoughts never make it to consciousness.  When in reality, they were booted out so fast that it has no time to register, so the thought could not be dwelled on.

As a floater, you dwell on your negative thoughts, you dwell on your lack of self-confidence and you dwell on you fears- you have not trained your mind and have not worked on your mindset.  There are a thousand reasons why you should quit this business.  Your family may not support you in your decision, your husband/ wife, girlfriend or boyfriend may disapprove or you may not have the financial resources to begin this business the way you want to. On the other hand, what ARE the reasons to stay in this business and keep going, despite what people say, or your financial situation? That is a question that you must learn to answer for yourself.  You have to create your own list, adopt a new way of thinking, and learn how to stay motivated yourself.  We can guide you, but it is you that needs to take that guidance and put it into action.

Don’t dwell on the negatives in your life or the reasons to quit.  Dwell on what you need to do to become successful. We all enter this business with some level of Motivation that’s stemmed from an inner desire.  Maybe it’s to become rich, maybe it’s to help people, or maybe it’s to make some extra money.  For some reason, people tend to lose that inner desire somewhere along the way and become distracted.  It is when you’re distracted that you open the door to let the negativity, fear and self-doubt enter your mind.  Stay focused on your goals and further develop your motivation.

Break down the emotions, desires and motivation that you bring into this business; find out where it’s coming from and find out what would it take to satisfy your desires, soothe your emotions and how you can use your motivation as your guide.  Is it to provide for your family?  Is it to retire early? What are the “Real” reasons why you’re here? We all have different reasons why we are here and pursuing this opportunity, but not everyone has found their real reason.  Take some time and think about it.

What it all comes down to is finding the right combination of focus and determination that will lead you to the right mindset that will work for you.  There’s a lot of trial and error on the road to success; as well as hard lessons and difficult choices that must be made before we earn our “Emmy of Success.”

Not everyone is cut out for this business, just as I am not cut out to be a doctor because of my weak stomach when I watch those operations they show on TV!  Find your niche and work hard to become successful and achieve the goals you set for yourself.  Find your inner-motivation and develop it into a non-stop fuel line that fuels your business fuels YOU!  Show us what you’re made of.  Show us that you have what it takes to succeed!

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