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Take Action Newbies!

Jan 05, 2010 Comments Off on Take Action Newbies! by

Hey Newbies! So, you want to be a Real Estate Investor? You’ve read some books, maybe taken a few courses and spoke to other investors.

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Feeling Discouraged?

Jan 05, 2010 Comments Off on Feeling Discouraged? by

Below is a comment that was posted on a message board in the past. “Hey, I am not quitting, but it is getting a little discouraging…”

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Feel Like Giving Up Already?

Jan 05, 2010 Comments Off on Feel Like Giving Up Already?

Are things starting to pile up on you?  Is the phone not ringing as much as you had hoped?  Are you getting down or depressed?  Emotions are what makes us human and can take over our lives if we don’t learn how to control them.  Frustration, self-doubt, negativity, and fear are emotions that can and […]

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Fear and Goals

Jan 05, 2010 Comments Off on Fear and Goals

The big question I have been thinking about over the past couple of weeks, is where do I envision myself 5 years from now, and what do I have to do to get there?  Yes, as you can imagine I do have some goals written down, but never had the time to really envision where […]

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